FDJ Consulting Limited supports you in creating and growing your brand by designing unique and solid identities, through transparent messages best adapted to your audience. In today’s digital era where everything evolves at lightning speed, it is essential that others know who you are and remember you, and this is achieved mainly through visual message elements.

1. THE POWER OF YOUR BRAND We guide and assist you one step at a time in establishing your brand identity, getting your core values across and anchoring your business in the minds of your targets.

2. THE LEVERS OF YOUR BRAND Brand name – the choice of your brand name is of paramount importance, for which a number of elements are to be taken in consideration. Your brand name should be catchy, evocative, easily remembered, and most importantly, it must abide by applicable rules and regulations.
> Logo – Your logo is an essential component for your brand’s image and reputation; your logo is your emblem par excellence, the landmark that will convey your image. An effective logo must be attractive, make an impression, and allow your audience to recognize your company at a glance.
> Brand guidelines – establishing your brand guidelines is a critical step in the success of your communication strategy. It is what defines the entire set of codes and rules that apply to your brand and its graphic elements, further enabling your business to communicate in a consistent and professional manner by way of all printed and digital material speaking in one voice, creating genuine added value and a richer and more engaging experience for your customers.
> Packaging - the packaging of your products plays a key role in your brand's marketing strategy. It highlights the value of your product, arouses the customer’s interest, and ultimately incites them to make the actual purchase. Attractive packaging will always enhance the satisfaction to the buyer, not only for the obvious aesthetic reasons but also because it shows that the brand attaches importance to the quality of the products it sells.


Do not underestimate the value of your data


Nowadays, while natural business acumen is certainly an advantage, this quality alone is no longer sufficient for the sustainability of a business. Your company's competitive edge, growth and success are now inseparable from measurable data analysis – data analysis not only enables you to know your customers on all aspects (interests, behaviors, etc.), but also to anticipate their behavior! Through in-depth analysis of your data and the performance monitoring, you will be able to apprehend your customers with a keen eye, base your business decisions on real measurable data, and invest your money in your digital marketing operations in a shrewd and informed way.

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